YolyFounder & Owner

    Yoly’z invests lots of monies in education for herself and her team. She uses the highest quality products in the market to accomplish the desired looks. Therefore when you come to our salon, our prices reflect our education & experience

    Master Trainer

    Even as a little girl, Yoly’z was the house to go to for the most current hair or fashion trends … and to this day, her passion for hair artistry and cutting-edge style has never ceased. For over 30 years, Yoly has studied under some of the most prestigious hair masters in America and Europe (including London, Germany, Italy, and Mexico) and has turned her learnings into being part of an International Styling Team and a Master Trainer, performing on stage at major hair shows as a “Platform Artist.” While Yoly is an active Master Trainer, she never ceases to want to learn more and continues her studies on the latest techniques and trends in the ever-changing world of fashion. She regularly attends shows and seminars and pulls inspiration from many experts in the industry.

    Level-Based Expert Colorist

    It is no wonder that she has earned the title of the Expert Hair Colorist, and“Mixologist” among her colleagues. Yoly’z has a sophisticated technique of evaluating color on a “level-based system” verses a stock-color system that locks many stylists into a single chemical color brand. Yoly’z level-based system and intense color lab (boasting a variety of chemical brands) opens the door to infinite possibilities for subtle color variations that make it possible to compliment skin tones to the highest levels. Every formulation is custom designed and recorded for each unique client’s needs.

    AVEDA Boutique

    While Yoly has vast experience with Fugi, Redken, Framesi and many other brands, it is AVEDA that clearly rises to the top when it comes to Hair Care and Styling products with their natural ingredients and environmentally-responsible philosophy. Yoly’z also believes AVEDA products are always on the cutting-edge of style and chemical technology. They have the largest AVEDA Boutique in Vinings, Smyrna and the surrounding areas and support the AVEDA Pure Privilege program.